Switzerland’s Bitcoin Friendly Environment Proves Perfect for Distributed …


Many internationally known companies from the Bitcoin sector are based in the Zug area. According to the Greater Zurich Area AG, Zug is well known for its commodities trading, but times are changing,


“… in recent years young entrepreneurs and programmers have set out to make Zug a leader in the field of digital finance – cryptocurrencies, to be more precise. New trading markets, new encryption technologies or new digital currencies are being developed. The room for possibilities is huge – Bitcoins are only one option out of many.”

– Greater Zurich Area AG

There are many internationally recognised crypto companies that are based in the so-called “Crypto Valley”.  Xapo has three layers of security protection. The company also provides 100 percent insurance for all bitcoin funds kept in its virtual vault. ShapeShift which offers instant bitcoin to altcoin conversion with an easy to use app with high level of consumer protection.

Ecurex is a trading engine, with financial instruments and information services, with a focus on the speed of their operations, reliability and convenience. Ethereum is a decentralized platform for applications that can run exactly as programmed without fraud, censorship or third-party interference.

Monetas is an app that helps consumers buying goods and services through digital transactions made through its app. Swiss Bitcoin Exchange is a Swiss marketplace where Bitcoin digital currency can be exchanged and traded.

Digital currency companies are spread across the entire country such as sBex, or Metaco from the French part of Switzerland. A wealth of events will also be taking place in the coming weeks. There will be a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain event in Zurich on September 23, 2015 and an International Crypto Finance Tech Conference taking

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