Synapsi Enables Bitcoin Bounty on GitHub

The number of developers and users of the Stack Exchange, a collaborative QA platform for developers, has decreased substantially, due to its lack of incentive for freelance programmers. To properly incentivize developers and solution providers of the network, a group of engineers have launched Synapsi, a blockchain-powered knowledge market.

“We believe Synapsi offers a solution to any platform where users want to provide incentives for high-priority questions and issues,” Ken Miyoshi of Synapsi told Joseph Young in an exclusive interview.

“Users can now attach bounties to questions on Stack Exchange as an incentive to developers who may prefer bitcoin over reputation. Our initial focus is integrating with GitHub and enabling users to contribute and collect bitcoins for bugs, feature requests and resolving issues,” he added.

The Synapsi implements multi-signature technology to allow users to deposit BTC while posting a question on the platform. The deposit of the user and the multi-sig implementation creates a unique escrow account between Synapsi, user and the developer who answers the question.

As soon as the user confirms and validates the answer provided by a developer, the funds are released by Synapsi.

“Synapsi uses a 2-of-2 multi-signature implementation where Synapsi and the user asking the question are both required

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