Synereo 2.0 Tech Stack to Compete with Ethereum Protocol?


The potential use of blockchain technology is virtually unlimited. Synereo, a blockchain company based out of Tel Aviv, Israel has recently announced a great progress in the development of a distributed storage protocol.

The company is responsible for creating the first scalable, Turing complete blockchain infrastructure called Rchain. Within weeks of introducing Rchain, Synereo has announced the release of two new components. These two components, Special-K and Rholang are part of the Synereo 2.0 tech stack that enables development of decentralized computation systems over Rchain infrastructure.

According to Synereo’s latest blog post, Special-K is a storage and content delivery layer over Rchain that can be used for hosting various forms of data. Special-K is augmented by Rholang, a language for writing smart contracts.

The Synereo 2.0 tech stack is designed to include all the tools and infrastructure required to establish fully functional decentralized applications and services without any central points of control. The recent products are a result of over 5 years of continuous development.

According to Synereo, Special-K is an evolution of DHT-like distributed key-value databases. The unified Special-K API along with a monadic domain-specific language allows developers to access concealed data distributed across the decentralized network.

While many functions offered by Synereo 2.0 tech stack are comparable with Ethereum’s offering, Rholang stands out in comparison to Ethereum’s native Solidity language. Rholang, an acronym for Reflective, Higher-Order Process Language is a native smart contract language for Rchain protocol that not only allows parallel execution of processes but also allows for the hierarchical execution of smart contracts in a much more efficient and secure fashion. The company believes that Rholang is a blockchain equivalent of Java, Scala, and C# programming languages.



Synereo 2.0 tech stack may be an Ethereum alternative after all, especially with DOS attacks and security issues plaguing the platform. In order to prevent security breaches, Rholang based architecture allows developers to conduct safety tests and simulations based on formal verification. They believe that the whole Ethereum DAO debacle could have been avoided if it was based on Rholang.

Synereo vows to offer a complete blockchain based solution to shape the future economy. In order to attain its goals, the platform is in the process of raising funds. it has already raised over $3 million in less than a week.

Ref  Image: Company blog