Synereo Explained: the Social Media Layer

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Synereo has been around for a little while, and raised the equivalent of $126,000 in their initial AMP crowdsale last year. Since then, they’ve been relatively quiet, and I was surprised to hear they plan to have another one. Their team has been hard at work, however, and while their fundraising/marketing strategy has been confusing to many traders, I’ve always been extremely impressed with their founding concept and the technical prowess of their developers.

In case you hadn’t been following, Synereo began as a decentralized social media platform, now called the social layer. Their developers, however, found that no existing smart contract platforms met their requirements, so they were forced to set out and build their own. But before getting into the fine technical details, I first wanted to go over the concept that first got me so excited.

The Attention Economy

Synereo’s white paper does a great job of demonstrating their academic talent, but most people who don’t like equations will find it hard to read. For those of you without the time or inclination to really study it, you can get a somewhat accurate understanding by using some handy metaphors.

AMPs are literally backed by the

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