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The latest iOS focus by MandelDuck, Takara allows a users to go out on an brave query for bitcoin. The map on Takara shows locations where a value (read bitcoin) is planted. Those meddlesome in a value hunt can find a circuitously places where bitcoin is planted and make their approach to those spots.

Takara, definition value in Japanese is a bitcoin geocaching focus that allows users to plant bitcoin treasures opposite a universe and also hunt for planted bitcoin around them. The focus or diversion depending on how we wish to demeanour during it is now accessible for download on iOS App Store. Currently in a beta stage, a focus is a genuine universe interactive bitcoin geocaching formed diversion grown by Christian Moss. 

Christian Moss is a owner of MandelDuck, an iOS diversion growth association formed out of Tokyo, Japan. Apart from Takara, a UK purebred association has few some-more games like Game of Birds, Robo Warp, KA-GE, jPuzzle and Sarutobi in a portfolio. The company’s Sarutobi is one of a obvious bitcoin diversion on App Store. However,

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