Taringa’s Content Creation Surges Following Bitcoin Integration

HernanArgentinean social network platform Taringa has seen creative content generation rise by an average of 40 to 50% after users joined its new bitcoin tipping initiative.

The programme, ‘Taringa Creadores’, combines an ad-revenue sharing model with the social network’s unique ranking system in a bid to incentivise the sharing of user generated content.

Content creators registered to Taringa’s bitcoin tipping scheme receive a Xapo wallet and a share of advertising distributed in bitcoin by Taringa. Users can tip each other in bitcoin, as every creator receives 10 daily points to distribute among other users. When distributed, these points are issued out in digital currency.

The initiative is still in beta stage, with 2,000 invite-only users constituting the platform’s top content creators taking part at this stage. Speaking about the decision to implement bitcoin tipping, Taringa co-founder Hernán Botbol told CoinDesk:

“We have always wanted to give our users a economic reward because we think its fair. We want more and more people to post on Taringa and for these people to eventually be able to leave their jobs and dedicate their time exclusively to posting on Taringa.”

Bitcoin’s viability

Botbol said that his team had explored various payout options, all of which would required users to

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