Tau Chain: A ‘Decentralized App Store’ with Greater Flexibility than Ethereum

Tau Chain is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that claims Ethereum’s Turing completeness is the wrong direction as it is undecidable logic and missing an intricate part: proof of language.

Cointelegraph spoke with Tau Chain developers HunterMinerCrafter (HMC) and Ohad Asor of the Tau team on the project and how it differs from other decentralized networks such as its ability to prove assertions about code using “decidable logic.”

The Tau system is weaved like fabric with three distinct characteristics: rules, proofs, and computer programming. Rules of the network and protocols are determined by its user base with independent worlds created on top of the Tau. This gives the Tau Chain the unique ability to be a simplified and unified language. This enables it to provide “decidable” computer programs as opposed to a Turing complete protocol like Ethereum.

“Tau is a blockchain for abstract protocols, coordinating both their definition and execution.”

— HunterMinerCrafter, Tau Developer

The name “Tau” refers to tautology and works as a software client of ontological rules. The rules are determined by using a “Reasoner,” which uses logical reasoning and supplied proofs. The language and communication will be human readable and also communicate as HTTP after implementations of Read more ... source: Cointelegraph