Teenager Arrested for Trying To Buy Glock Pistol From The Dark Web

Megan Schadeberg (19), from Carmarthenshire, had attempted to buy a Glock handgun from the dark web and said she wanted to ”kill herself and kill the world” according to the court. During the house search, police found books on mass shootings where the girl made notes. They also found a diary where Schadeberg said that she “hated everyone” and “did not feeling anything for other people”.

On the 19-year-old’s iPhone, the law enforcement authorities found the link of a dark net marketplace where Schadeberg put a Glock G21 and ammunition for it in a shopping basket and uploaded £240 in Bitcoins to a wallet, which she could use for a down payment for the weapon and the bullets.

Schadeberg pleaded guilty to the attempt of buying a prohibited weapon in October last year when she appeared in the dock of Swansea Crown Court last week. According to official court documents, her plan to buy a gun came to light after she told a psychiatrist about it who then alerted police.

The court also heard that Schadeberg was suffering from “some form of psychotic illness”. According to Craig Jones, from defense, the girl’s actions had been “a cry for help”.

Judge Paul Thomas QC described the case as “terribly sad and also very worrying” and he made a hospital order detaining the teenager so she could be treated.

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