Telebit Enhances Bitcoin Sending Experience With New Android App

feature graphicTelebit, a bitcoin wallet that allows fast and easy bitcoin transactions to Telegram users, now offers some additional features. Telebit users can now download a companion Android app that offers the ability to send payment requests to other users and integration with Trezor bitcoin wallet, which has added security features.

Screenshot_2015-07-28-16-06-55The new Android app marks another stage of Telebit’s journey in making bitcoin more user-friendly and widely-adopted, says co-founder Jonathan James Harrison. The new app builds on the convenience that Telebit brought to Telegram users earlier this year when Telebit launched.

Telegram is a free, cloud-based, open-source, instant-messaging app with 65 million users. Telebit gave users of Telegram – which is available for most app platforms – the ability to have a bitcoin wallet on their Telegram app. Users can send bitcoins without having to create new wallets or bitcoin addresses.

Android App Brings New Capabilities

“The app we just launched is optional but has a much nicer user interface and more features such as Trezor hardware wallet integration,” Harrison said.

The new Android app allows users to scan bitcoin QR codes

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