Thank you from Chris for your support. Indiegogo is a GO

Hello friends, it’s Chris Ellis writing this intro and I would like to say a few things about the recent generosity and support from the community towards my medical condition….

Thanks to Ollie and Janine I now have an Indiegogo Campaign where you can donate funds to support me in my search for a diagnosis and cure:

Well it was quite a surprise to learn that some friends of mine had been working a crowd fund to help me get better as since June 2015 I have been suffering from chronic headache, hyperacusis and tinnitus. Life has been very hard for me and it means a lot that you guys would come to my aid.

In this show I have had a bit more time to compose myself and I am joined by Ollie Morris and my wonderfully supportive girl friend Janine.

You can help raise money for my medical funds:

All money will go on medical bills only including cost of travel. I will open source as much of the results as possible and will publish them to

Note this is a friendly soft fork of the campaign started by the awesome MadBitcoins, you can find his tribute here:
Donate now at

#SaveEllis — branch 1
#HelpChris — branch 2

Let’s see which one gets consensus

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