The Antminer S9 is The Most Power Efficient 16nm Bitcoin Miner

Bitmain remains one of the market leaders in the Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer space. The company has unveiled their Antminer S9; a device Bitcoin enthusiasts have been looking forward to for quite some time now.

The Antminer S9 Is Here

Bitcoin miners have been waiting for news from Bitmain for quite some time now. Ever since the Antminer S7 was released, it appeared as if no new model was coming anytime soon. But lo and behold, the company has finally unveiled their S9 model, which is the world’s first Bitcoin miner using 16nm chips.

Under the hood, the Antminer S9 will produce 14 TH/s of mining power per unit, using 16nm ASIC chips. In fact, there are 189 chips packed into every miner. The power consumption sits around 1.38 kW, although there is a 7% variation to take into account. However, this makes the miner very power efficient, as just 0.1 Joule per GigaHash.  

Bitmain also wants to address the rate at which miners discarded their hardware due to no longer being profitable. In most cases, ASIC hardware has an average lifespan of just three months. Keeping in mind how much money people put into these machines,

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