The Ballot Regarding Bitcoin’s Future has Begun

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the-ballot-regarding-bitcoins-future-has-begunSegWit or Unlimited? The miners will proceed to vote on how to scale Bitcoin. Everything depends on the decision of the mining pools. If no solution wins, Bitcoin will remain unchanged.

You may not have noticed, but Bitcoin is underway with the most public election ever conducted in history. It is Segregated Witness (SegWit) versus Bitcoin Unlimited, or simply put; how should Bitcoin increase its capacity? Should it take a little increase with a soft fork and then pave the way for off-chain solutions, or should it just let the miners decide about the block size?

On social media, both solutions competed for some time for the acceptance from the community. In fact, they are subject to heated discussions, causing censorship on several social media channels and creating a deep gap between two parts of the

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