The Best-Ever Bitcoin Cannabis Drone Entrepreneurs in San Francisco

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in San Francisco’s Dolores Park and kids on gyroscopic single-wheeled skateboards seemed to float uphill. I sitting next to the “Fuck the techies” graffiti, waiting to score some weed. But my eyes weren’t on the park – they were on the skies. Because I was about to get a very special drone delivery.

Like a lot of you, I saw a tantalizing video from a mysterious San Francisco company called Trees a couple of weeks ago. In it, an extremely delighted-looking person sits in Dolores Park while a Phantom drone delivers a lovely-looking box of cannabis items to him.

How, I wondered, could I be just like that person?

I immediately went to the Trees website and started chatting with their rep. I asked if they delivered to my neighborhood, and was told that they didn’t do it quite yet – they’re still setting up their 333 exemption to FAA regulations on drones that prevent delivery for profit. But Marshall Hayner, Trees’ CEO, promised that if I showed up at Dolores Park around 3 PM on Saturday I’d “see some drones.” He refused to reveal more than that.

So of course I hiked over to

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