The Big Picture: BTCMANAGER’s Week in Review for May 15

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BTCMANAGER is here to bring clarity – this week in particular. We bring you an interview with Alex Tapscott, co-author of the book Blockchain Revolution, which in turn is a fantastic overview of the blockchain space. We also help to sort out the ins and outs of DAOs and The DAO. You’re welcome.

Compiled from contributions by James R. Moreau, Diana Ngo, Michael Scott, and Jamie Holmes

Gatecoin Scrambles to Recover After $2 Million Cryptoasset Theft

Following the growth of The DAO’s token sale and the rise of the price and market cap of ETH, hackers have struck at what seems like the worst possible time for Hong Kong based crypto-asset exchange, Gatecoin. According to a statement released by the team at Gatecoin on the front page of their website, the entire Gatecoin exchange operations will be shut down until at least May 28th for investigation, re-building and inspection of the system.

The DAO Experiment: Future Possibilities and New Questions

The DAO movement officially took a significant step forward on April 30th through the launch of The DAO,  the Ethereum-based hub allowing individuals to acquire tokens which will allow them to vote on the funding and direction

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