The Bitcoin affair: Craig Wright ‘to move’ Satoshi coin

Craig Wright

The man who has identified himself as the creator of Bitcoin plans to provide further proof to his claim.

Craig Wright’s spokesman told the BBC that he would “move a coin from an early block” belonging to the crypto-currency’s inventor “in the coming days”.

The Australian entrepreneur announced he was behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto on Monday.

Critics have said that the evidence produced to date is unconvincing.

You can read the strongest case for the prosecution in this post on Github, where Wright’s blog is described as “flimflam and hokum which stands up to a few minutes of cursory scrutiny, and demonstrates a competent sysadmin’s level of familiarity with cryptographic tools, but ultimately demonstrates no non-public information about Satoshi.”

Media captionAustralian entrepreneur Craig Wright says he is Mr Bitcoin

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