The Bitcoin Block Size Debate Isn’t Just About Technology

Elliott Olds is a software developer with interests in AI, bitcoin, and VR. Currently at an unnamed startup, he has previously worked for Periscope and Bing Search (Microsoft).

In this opinion piece, Olds suggests that the views of bitcoin’s developers are not the only ones that should count when deciding the digital currency’s future.

Ideas and people

There is a misconception in the bitcoin community that the roadmap for how bitcoin should scale is based almost entirely on the technical judgment of the Bitcoin Core developers.

While the Bitcoin Core roadmap does draw heavily on the substantial technical expertise of the Core developers, there are many non-technical factors that influence the Core roadmap.

Many people agree with Core on all of the technical issues, yet still disagree with their roadmap.

That’s because the roadmap is based on assumptions about economics, group psychology, ethics and many other things which we have no reason to believe Core developers have any special skill in. The roadmap also depends on pure personal preferences.

Consider the following 10 questions:

  1. How much should it cost someone to run a full node? What’s the highest price we’re OK with?
  2. Does bitcoin have a social contract? If so, what is it, and how much

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