The ‘Bitcoin Family’ One Year Later

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A year ago today, my family was featured in a Motherboard Vice article called “Meet the ‘Bitcoin Family.’” Since that time, my two sons have learned a whole lot more about Bitcoin and are fascinated by their father’s work as a cryptocurrency journalist.

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Learning About The Tools of Liberty at a Very Young Age

Bitcoin family
The Redman family, Motherboard, August 2015

My son Joshua is now seven, and Franklin is three, and we often discuss the Bitcoin industry that surrounds my life. As a journalist and graphic artist, our family has lived off the Bitcoin economy for close to two years now.

I wrote about our lifestyle a year ago and received a lot of positive commentary and attention on how I raised my children. I also got some negative comments that I was “indoctrinating” my sons. However, this is entirely inaccurate, they have always been interested in their father’s occupation no matter where I worked.

Since I first introduced my children to the world in a written piece about encompassing Bitcoin into family our life, my boys have grown to love what

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