The Bitcoin Foundation Wants a Comeback, But Can it Be Saved?

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Once one of the most well-known public advocates for bitcoin, the Bitcoin Foundation has faced a long series of obstacles in its bid to remain relevant to the technology’s community.

Thus far this year, the industry’s oldest trade organization has moved to strike a conciliatory tone with bitcoin’s volunteer development team, capitalize on a potentially life-saving infusion of cash and move forward on a plan of action with new board members.

But, that doesn’t mean every member of the bitcoin community is on board.

An email sent from the Bitcoin Foundation executive director Bruce Fenton that pitched a group of Bitcoin Core members to take a seat on the board of directors and subsequently leaked on social media has been met with skepticism bordering on derision.

The Bitcoin Foundation has long attracted criticism from bitcoin community members over everything from issues with the handling of donations to law enforcement issues with those who once formerly represented it, two of which are now incarcerated.

Late last year, it was finally revealed that the group was running low on funds after maintaining a high burn rate.

In interview, Core contributor Peter Todd offered his take on why the reaction to

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