The Bitcoin Gambling Industry is growing at Full Steam

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Since Bitcoin first appeared, a lot of Industries saw its immense potential and were immediately attracted by the enormous capabilities this new online currency could offer. Since the first Bitcoin transaction in 2010, when a Pizza was bought by 10.000 Bitcoins, Digital currency has seen a significant interest from many online businesses. Industry scouts and entrepreneurs saw this new technology as a tool that could potentially revolutionize the way how payments were made through the Internet.

One of the Industries that immediately saw a big utility in Bitcoin was the Gambling Industry. And right after the first Bitcoin transaction in history, a lot of online Casinos have appeared and have introduced a new business model where this new currency could perfectly fit in. The main features of this new online currency made it an interesting attractive for online based industries such as the online Gambling Industry. Bitcoin is decentralized, almost anonymous, and is not subject to the regulations and rules that conventional currencies are. That being said, it has become very popular and has been seducing new industries and online based businesses, and even started a completely new parallel economy.

Bitcoin turned out to be a new mean of development

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