The Bitcoin Myths Mainstream Media Gets Wrong Every Time

For several years now, there seem to be a lot of myths surrounding Bitcoin which need to be clarified and rectified. Several of these topics keep returning on a regular basis, showing an apparent lack of education as far as mainstream media is concerned. It is not all that hard to get some basic facts about Bitcoin right in the first place.

Debunking Common Bitcoin Myths

One of the most often heard comments is how Bitcoin has a CEO or leader, which is not true. Bitcoin has a creator, who goes by the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym, but never revealed his, her, or their original identity. Nor is there a need to do so, at Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are not about the people behind the code, but only the code itself. This also means there is no such thing as “arresting the Bitcoin CEO” or anything along those lines, a headline which seems to pop up now and then.

The second most common statement is how Bitcoin is volatile because it has no official backing. This is quite a contradictory statement, as something which is not backed has no intrinsic value, and can therefore

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