The Bitcoin Myths Mainstream Media Gets Wrong Every Time

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For several years now, there seem to be a lot of misconceptions surrounding Bitcoin that need to be simplified and rectified. Several of these topics keep returning on a unchanging basis, display an apparent miss of preparation as distant as mainstream media is concerned. It is not all that tough to get some simple contribution about Bitcoin right in a initial place.

Debunking Common Bitcoin Myths

One of a many mostly listened comments is how Bitcoin has a CEO or leader, that is not true. Bitcoin has a creator, who goes by the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym, though never suggested his, her, or their strange identity. Nor is there a need to do so, during Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are not about a people behind a code, though usually a formula itself. This also means there is no such thing as “arresting a Bitcoin CEO” or anything along those lines, a title that seems to cocktail adult now and then.

The second many common matter is how Bitcoin is volatile since it has no central backing. This is utterly a paradoxical statement, as something that is not corroborated has no intrinsic value, and can therefore

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