The Bitcoin Price Has Risen… Now What?

The bitcoin price reached a new “high” over the weekend at $260 per coin, and all one can do is ask the age old question, “Now what?”

It’s a strange thing to ask, when one really thinks about it. Do we ask it because we believe the person next to us is a fortune teller or a psychic who can predict the future? Is it because we assume they are more knowledgeable and can therefore steer us in the right direction? Well, regardless of why one asks the question, it can be rather exasperating when we discover that the person or persons we’re asking don’t know the answer.

This is a question we’re asking bitcoin at the moment. “Okay, you’ve reached a new high and given us a little more room to trade in for the time being… Now what?” Well, that’s the trouble. No one really knows. If bitcoin has taught us anything, it’s that it’s as unpredictable as a storm. You expect one thing, and something else happens. One expects the oncoming storm to hit a certain region, when suddenly at the last minute it somehow changes course and hits another, as though it were laughing in our faces.


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