The Bitcoin Price History Charts Every Investor Needs to See

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bitcoin price historyThe last two years of Bitcoin price history have a story to tell. You see, Bitcoin was the best-performing asset in the world in 2015 – and by a long shot.

The price of Bitcoin rose 35%, easily beating the next best asset, real estate investment trusts (REITs), which rose just 2.8%.

Bitcoin also was the best-performing currency in 2015. The runner-up, the Somali Shilling, gained just 15% on the year, less than half of Bitcoin’s gain.

You’re not hearing much about this now, probably because last year at this time much of the financial media were writing Bitcoin’s obituary.

You can’t blame them. Bitcoin had a horrible 2014. The 56% plunge of the Bitcoin price made it the worst performer among both assets and currencies that year.

But what to make of this zig-zagging Bitcoin price history? Are there any lessons here for anyone besides Bitcoin’s skeptics?

You betcha. Bitcoin’s worst-to-first journey actually offers several lessons about investing in general…

What Investors Can Learn from the Bitcoin Price History

Veteran investors may think

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