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bitcoin cost historyThe final dual years of Bitcoin cost history have a story to tell. You see, Bitcoin was a best-performing item in a universe in 2015 – and by a prolonged shot.

The price of Bitcoin rose 35%, simply violence a subsequent best asset, genuine estate investment trusts (REITs), that rose only 2.8%.

Bitcoin also was a best-performing banking in 2015. The runner-up, a Somali Shilling, gained only 15% on a year, reduction than half of Bitcoin’s gain.

You’re not conference most about this now, substantially since final year during this time most of a financial media were essay Bitcoin’s obituary.

You can’t censure them. Bitcoin had a terrible 2014. The 56% thrust of a Bitcoin price done it a misfortune performer among both resources and currencies that year.

But what to make of this zig-zagging Bitcoin price history? Are there any lessons here for anyone besides Bitcoin’s skeptics?

You betcha. Bitcoin’s worst-to-first tour indeed offers several lessons about investing in general…

What Investors Can Learn from a Bitcoin Price History

Veteran investors might think

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