The Blockchain Alliance — Crime Fighters of the Bitcoin World

Art of War 101 – Form an alliance when you can’t single-handedly take on your enemy. On the similar lines Bitcoin 101 includes few points about safety and security. Mix both of them in different proportions and now we have Blockchain Alliance.

Blockchain Alliance is a partnership between bitcoin industry and law enforcement agencies in the United States. It is a win-win partnership where law enforcement agents and the agents of the bitcoin industry will both get to do what they are good at. That is, fighting crime and cleaning up the negative image of bitcoin to increase its popularity in the society respectively. This new alliance was announced earlier this week by Coin Center and the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

Who will be part of Blockchain Alliance?

Blockchain Alliance will include members from bitcoin start-ups, experts in regulatory and legal policies and of course the various 3 lettered law enforcement agencies (FBI, DOJ, DHS and DEA for starters). All the parties involved will be working out of Washington as both the bitcoin bodies are from that part of United States.

Blockchain Alliance is a long term collaborative effort to fight crimes related to bitcoin in any remote way. It

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