The Blockchain Virtual Nation: Interview With Susanne Tarkowski-Templehof of Bitnation

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It goes without saying that freedom is an essential, universal value of all global citizens.  Among many other views, this mode of thinking increasingly champions voluntary exchange without geographic boundaries and restrictive rules and regulations. The grand vision? One nation, one people, one planet all coexisting for the betterment of mankind.

Enter Bitnation, the world’s first experimental, blockchain-powered virtual nation founded by the iconoclastic visionary Susanne Tarkowski-Tempelhof. Embodying sovereignty and self-governance, this utopian effort is fueling a worldwide movement promoting independence from statist controls.

Endeavoring to provide an alternative to legacy governance structures long supported by nation-states, Bitnation aims to provide quality, cost-effective basic services supporting true self-sufficiency among the masses. Undergirded by the innovative, decentralized engine known as the Blockchain, a variety of virtual services initiatives including secure identity systems, dispute resolution, marriage and divorces, land registries, education, insurance, birth certificates, and legal services are being pursued.

Bitnation seeks to usher in this new normal of global governance through a fully decentralized, distributed model in the spirit of a DAO or DAC (distributed autonomous organization/corporation). Popularized by Vitalik Buterin and his Ethereum blockchain network, these concepts are reflected in the

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