The Coinbase Dilemma: Regulations vs Customer Satisfaction

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The advancement in technology has drastically changed the travel patterns of an average human. People cover more miles, across geographies due to the increased need to travel for business and pleasure. Bitcoin, being a truly global currency has emerged as a champion for those who are constantly moving.

While everyone praises Bitcoin for making it easy to spend money anywhere across the world without having to worry about conversion rates, few issues make people doubt the progress. Just because Bitcoin is a great instrument for the exchange of value doesn’t mean the platforms operating in the segment are also equally good.

Thanks to various regulations, technical issues and other problems, Bitcoin platforms have left people longing for better services and a responsive customer support. These very same issues have put one of the most popular digital currency platforms, Coinbase, at the receiving end of the customers’ ire.  While the San Francisco Bitcoin exchange continues to play ball with the existing financial regulations, many of its ‘loyal’ customers have started to bear the heat.

A Coinbase Customer’s Complaint

In a recent post, one of the alleged Coinbase customer reports that the platform has decided to punish him for travelling.  According to the available reports,

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