The Current Highest Bid for Alleged NSA Data is 999998.371 Bitcoin Short

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When a puzzling organisation called The Shadow Brokers dumped a garland of hacking collection and exploits allegedly belonging to an NSA-linked group, it also pronounced they had more, juicier stuff. But to see it, the organisation warned, someone has to win a bizarre auction for one million bitcoin, or around $500 million.

That’s a lot of bitcoin, that immediately lifted a lot of eyebrows. The auction, many argued, was simply a ruse, or a scam. Either way, it’s not going great.

As of Wednesday morning, a auction is 999,998.371 bitcoin short. The bitcoin wallet set adult by The Shadow Brokers has usually perceived 15 offers for a sum of around $930, and a top bidder—by far—is from someone who paid 1.5 bitcoin, or around $850.

“Have a feeling zero will come out of it, though value a shot,” pronounced a bidder, who declined to be identified though told Motherboard that they are meddlesome in regulating a hacking collection and unknown, or “zero-day,” exploits that The Shadow Brokers competence have in their possession.

“Have a feeling zero will come out of it, though value a shot.”

“The formula is outdated, and there are no guarantees I

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