The Current Highest Bid for Alleged NSA Data is 999998.371 Bitcoin Short

When a mysterious group called The Shadow Brokers dumped a bunch of hacking tools and exploits allegedly belonging to an NSA-linked group, it also said they had more, juicier stuff. But to see it, the group warned, someone has to win a strange auction for one million bitcoin, or around $500 million.

That’s a lot of bitcoin, which immediately raised a lot of eyebrows. The auction, many argued, was simply a ruse, or a scam. Either way, it’s not going great.

As of Wednesday morning, the auction is 999,998.371 bitcoin short. The bitcoin wallet set up by The Shadow Brokers has only received 15 offers for a total of around $930, and the highest bidder—by far—is from someone who paid 1.5 bitcoin, or around $850.

“Have a feeling nothing will come out of it, but worth a shot,” said the bidder, who declined to be identified but told Motherboard that they are interested in using the hacking tools and unknown, or “zero-day,” exploits that The Shadow Brokers might have in their possession.

“Have a feeling nothing will come out of it, but worth a shot.”

“The code is outdated, and there are no guarantees I

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