The Dark Net Does Halloween: Pumpkin Pot Pops, Caramel Shrooms

Marijuana caramels. Jack-o-latern-shaped ecstasy. Pumpkin Pot Pops. It’s not exactly candy corn when the dark net takes on Halloween.

Seasonal pumpkin-spiced treats and Halloween candy have pulled in billions, according to industry estimates, and now the dark net is getting on board with special Halloween drugs and even holiday discounts, Vocativ has discovered.

Vocativ used our technology to access and sort through thousands of drug listings on the illicit, fast growing marketplace. At least a half dozen of Tor’s underground drug markets are offering Halloween specials like discounted cocaine and “10 percent off” orange ecstasy pills.

“Why not consume your mushrooms in a festive manner … trick or treat!” posts one vendor selling a jack-o-lantern shaped confection containing four grams of psychedelic mushrooms.

A package of five pumpkin-shaped pills of “Pink Halloween Ecstasy” is selling for less than $23, which happens to be about the price of four pumpkin spice lattes. While the dark net vendors are selling illegal narcotics, their listings still include warnings. The “Quad Dose Pumpkin Cake Pops,” pictured as nondescript white lollipops, are advertised with clear instructions: “Start with half a pop to avoid being spooked. Do not give to trick or treaters.”

It’s been two years since the FBI shut down the dark net pioneering market Silk Road, but online drug markets are still going strong and supporters continue to reboot Silk Road models even after previous administrators are arrested.

As dark net markets grow, many vendors are starting to adopt the same sales tactics used by regular businesses, from Black Friday deals to seasonal products. Although most dark net transactions use Bitcoin, which recently shot back up to a value of $300 per unit, dealing in digital currency translates into real profits. A study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found surveyed dark net drug markets now have daily

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