The disadvantages of Bitcoin online casinos


There has recently been quite a buzz with the emergence of online casinos that operate on Bitcoin instead of mainstream currency deposits. There are some advantages to using a Bitcoin online casino; but these advantages are usually the same for online casinos that do not use crypto-currency. At the end of the day it is often a matter of personal preference, based on the type of currency you would prefer to play with. But since this niche of online casinos is in its infancy, there are also quite a few disadvantages to using one.


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One of the most complained about disadvantages to Bitcoin online casinos is that they tend not to have online tech support through live chat, and generally are not known for having the best online support. Live chat is one of the most preferred ways of solving technical hurdles online as it allows you to talk to one of the online casino’s technical support staff in real time, and thus allows for the issue to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Another disadvantage of Bitcoin online casinos is that the number of games you can choose from are usually limited. Perhaps this is because they are not as well established compared to other online casinos. But when alternative online casinos, like Red Flush, are offering you over 700 games to choose from; having fewer than 10 games is a really noticeable difference.

Something else that users have complained about is that Bitcoin online casinos are not giving generous new player welcome bonuses as other non-crypto-currency online casinos are known for doing. Either the Bitcoin casinos give very small monetary bonuses, or do not offer them at all. In addition, another hiccup faced by online Bitcoin casinos is that they usually are not compatible with mobile devices –this can be incredibly frustrating for users who are used to other online casinos whose platform is mobile friendly. Many people who enjoy online casino games are busy and successful individuals who are always on the go. They may not have time to sit at their computer to play; rather preferring the convenience of being able to play a couple of rounds on their mobile device when a free moment arises.


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