The Domain Name King of Bitcoin?

The Domain Name King of Bitcoin?The Domain Name King of Bitcoin?

Niko Younts

“If I could clone myself – then I could develop all this (”

This simple quote defines internet entrepreneur Niko Younts. He is a one man show. The 47 minutes that we spent together via phone were filled with much hype and enthusiasm.

“We are seeing a tectonic shift in internet marketing and branding,” he says. Domain names are becoming real assets.

Sometimes, Younts’ lack of transparency is frustrating. Almost every inquiry is met with “I can’t tell you that.” His protectiveness borders on paranoia. Perhaps this is because the internet domain industry is booming. Younts sold his rights to in February 2014 for $250,000. He bought it for $11,000. The sale, according to DN Journal, was the 27th largest global domain transaction of 2014.

His magnum opus,, includes hundreds of Bitcoin-related domain names. He owns the Bitcoin domain globe. Over 140 countries, from to, are for sale. The jewels of the portfolio, which Younts refers to as “The Trio,” are Read more ... source: CoinReport