The Enigma of Bitcoin: Rise of Virtual Cryptocurrency

Ever dreamed of the day when you can hop into a local bus without the fear of the pickpockets or the day without the fear of the hijackers while coming back from work late at night? “Who didn’t?” should be the most plausible answer. While making our lives null of these yakuzas is still a moonshot for our law enforcers, the emergence of Bitcoin and it’s starting rise in regular transaction may make your dream come true sooner than you expected. In less than a decade, Bit coin has gone from concept to niche cryptocurrency, and recently it has made significant inroads into the mainstream. Whether it ultimately endures or fails, Bitcoin’s history is unfolding before our eyes.


To Simply put, it’s internet money. Unlike dollar, euro, yen or taka Bitcoin is considered as decentralized virtual currency which means a network of users control the transaction instead of a central authority like a bank or a government. It still works like real money. Not making any sense? Bear with me. One person pays the other person with Bitcoins for goods and services if the service provider is willing to participate in Bitcoin

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