The Eurocrats’ Big Lie——Life Outside The Euro Has Worked Just Swell For Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, The Czech Republic Etc.

By BRETT ARENDS at Marketwatch

Will the euro-fanatics please stop lying to the people of Greece?

And while they’re at it, will they please stop lying to the rest of us as well?

Can they stop pretending that life outside the euro — for the Greeks or any other European country — would be a fate worse than death?

Can they stop claiming that if the Greeks go back to the drachma, they will be condemned to a miserable existence on the dark backwaters of European life, a small, forgotten and isolated country with no factories, no inward investment and no hope?

Those dishonest threats are being leveled this week at the people of Greece, as they gear up for the weekend’s big referendum on more austerity. The bully boys of Brussels, Frankfurt and elsewhere are warning the Greek people that if they don’t do as they’re told, and submit to yet more economic leeches, they may end up outside the euro … at which point, of course, life would stop.


What I find amazing about the euro-fanatics is they just don’t seem to care about facts.
Take a look at the chart at the top of this article. It compares

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