The Evolution of the Bitcoin Vending Machine

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A Cryptocurrency vending machine has been found at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Just recently MIT Media Lab’s Ethan Zuckerman tweeted to his followers about the campus’ machine, which accepts bitcoin and is stocked with nothing but Soylent meal replacement drinks.

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The Bitcoin-Friendly Vending Machine at MIT Media Lab

Previously, the machine was stocked with unique natural and organic food bars and snacks. Now, it contains nothing but Soylent and also accepts bitcoin. 

MIT Media Lab’s Ethan Zuckerman posted a photo of the machine on Twitter, which quickly went viral. 

Bitcoin-Only Automated Vending Could Be the Future

MIT is not the first to display a vending machine that accepts cryptocurrency. In fact, it’s been done numerous times since early 2012.

Chris Smolen, founder of Utica-based Upstate Networks created a vending machine that allows customers to use bitcoin. Smolen said that, at the time, he believed Bitcoin could revolutionize these types of machines. “I [thought] it could be as big as email in terms of the advent of the Internet,” Smolen explained. “Once people realize

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