The FBI Gets Involved In US$1.3m Bitfinex Hack Investigation

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It was only a matter of time until Bitfinex would get into legal trouble over their recent hack. One user in Massachusetts has filed a police report to recover his missing bitcoin funds. During the hack, nearly US$70m worth of Bitcoin were stolen, and no users were compensated. Instead, they all saw their balances punished even further to make up for the balance sheet losses.

The way Bitfinex handled the whole hacking event was not exactly professional, from a legal point of view. The company cut all user balances by a significant amount and issued outstanding IOU tokens instead. If only one person bothered to file a police report, the company would find itself in contested waters very shortly.

FBI Gets Involved In Bitfinex Hack Investigation

According to Cambridge police, the report has been filed on September 14th. However, the FBI has taken a particular interest in this case, and they have opened up negotiations with Bitfinex. While it’s nice to see the exchange comply with the investigation, it remains to be seen how things will unfold when all is said and done.

Ever since the hack took place, Bitfinex has mentioned how an investigation would be held. Unfortunately,

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