The Federal Agent and The 300,000 BTC Silk Road Pirates Treasure


Some revelations regarding the Silk Road investigation came out through a Dark Net Markets (DNM) Ganja forums. A user who’s been registered since 2009 had a lot to say regarding the U.S. Department Of Justice, FBI, and the DEA. Most notably the arresting officer of the Ross Ulbricht and Sabu (of Anonymous) was mentioned by a commenter as possibly being involved. The tale told by the man named “Plural of Mongoose” who has been on the run from the Feds, travels in and out of South East Asia on a whim in fear of incarceration and murder. “Plural of Mongoose” or otherwise known as “Variety Jones” is said to have been the lost mentor of the Silk Road.

“This is the story of what I’ve been doing the last two years. The story of $75,000,000 of pirates treasure in bitcoins. The story of a rogue, highly

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