The Future of Bitcoin: Why Industry Acceptance is Promoting a Currency Shift​

Bitcoin or, more specifically, the blockchain technology that makes Bitcoin such an effective currency, is set to boom in 2016, according to cypherpunk Vinay Gupta. As outlined in our recent article on the subject of blockchain technology, the feeling among tech lovers and financial types is that Bitcoin investment could be set to increase markedly in the coming months.

In fact, Digital Currency Group’s Barry Silbert has suggested the move by major banks to accept blockchain technology could lead to the seismic financial shift many predicted would happen when Bitcoin first went live in 2009. And it’s not only this acceptance by major banks that’s promising to take Bitcoin into the mainstream in 2016.

A number of influential industries have already dipped their proverbial toes into the cryptocurrency waters. One of the largest industries to flirt with Bitcoin in recent years is iGaming. A $41-billion-a-year industry, iGaming has a number of sites that now offer so-called Bitcoin betting.

iGaming Industry an Early Bitcoin Adopter



However, as it stands, many operators have failed to latch onto this financial revolution, but all of that could change if the industry’s major

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