The Future of Bitcoins

The Future of Bitcoins


Bitcoin is a digital currency used by terrorists and drug dealers, as well as major companies like Microsoft and       

In other words, everyone from private individuals who order pizza to terrorists who order weapons.

With bitcoins, you can buy webcasting services, pizza or even manicures, reports  

Bitcoin was a currency created in 2009 by a mysterious software developer. He calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto. No one has ever met him, and it is not clear if he is one person or several people.

Bitcoin does not use printed money. It is digital only. The currency is created on computers by a community of people across the globe. Anyone can join that network, or group, according to

This network processes transactions made with the digital currency. Bitcoins are stored in a “digital wallet” over the Internet or on the user’s computer.

There is not an unlimited amount of bitcoins. Nakamoto set up rules to limit the currency to 21 million bitcoins, reports Coindesk.

With bitcoins, there are no banks or fees. Users do not register with their real names. Merchandise

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