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The past few days were so moving for me and NewsBTC, so we motionless to select a light subject that can put a grin on a readers. As bitcoin, is a world’s tip unknown online currency, we can use it to buy a weirdest things ever. Moreover, many fraudsters cite to sell their scams for bitcoin, since it is rather formidable to snippet exchange along a blockchain.

I looked by a Dark Web to find a goofiest things one can buy for bitcoin and those were a many pitiable bitcoin fraud attempts:

Digital Scamming, oops Smuggling, Service:

This is one of a many waggish equipment offering for sale for bitcoin on a dim web. The seller claims that he/she would save we a con of exposing your IP while downloading files, so he/she offers to download a things we want, save it on a peep expostulate and boat it to your doorstep for 0.46 bitcoin (around $150).

So, instead of exposing your IP online, risk receiving a peep expostulate from an unknown customer who is mostly intent in cybercrime and tries to supplement a few coins to is/her residence by tricking people regulating this inexpensive scam. Who on earth would tumble for such a

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