The Government of India Should Support Bitcoin to Create a Cashless Society

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This Tuesday Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced though before warning that high-denomination rupee records are to be demonetized. Going cashless is a government’s try during a heal for crime and “the illness of black money,” as unreported (and therefore untaxed) income is referred to in India.

To learn how can bitcoin fit into this prophesy Finance Magnates asked for a opinion of Sathvik Vishwanth, a CEO of Unocoin, that recently implemented a first-ever API permitting companies from around a universe to entrance a Indian Bitcoin market.

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“This is a confidant move, though there are adequate hurdles to over come for this to work. Money existed most before a supervision and domestic parties existed though see where we have finished today. If going cashless is a usually approach forward, positively Bitcoin, a borderless, trustless and pure banking creates some-more sense.

The unhappy partial is that even for mass Bitcoin adoption, we might need some-more support from a supervision and regulators. If there were bitcoiners in India like a approach US has it, this news would have pushed adult a prices of bitcoin during slightest by 20%

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