The Gov’t Really, Really Wants You to Visit These Websites (Op-Ed)

In a campaign that’s received nearly as much effort and funding as presidential elections themselves, the U.S. federal government is trying to steer people toward visiting sites that give step-by-step instructions on how to encrypt digital communications.

The passage of the USA Freedom Act, the declassified documentation about the NSA’s secret sister agency NSAC, and the passage of “net neutrality” have all been cleverly orchestrated to deliver one resounding message: “Just a friendly reminder, citizen: it’s time to protect yourself from our predations.”

Freedom Act

You know they want you to pay attention when they name it the “USA Freedom Act.” CoinTelegraph’s Juan S. Galt writes:

“Under the USA Freedom Act, the NSA no longer has to store or manage [intercepted] information. Thanks to the ‘reform,’ the database maintenance costs of spying now rest on the laps of the Telecoms corporations. […] Now the NSA can request search queries […] and have the Telecoms deliver the information to them.”

In a candid interview after the passage of the USA Freedom Act, Hilary Clinton said, “We really wanted citizens to seriously reconsider the trust they’re putting in ISPs like Comcast, TimeWarner, and ATT. We thought this legislation would send a clear message that American

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