The Growing Talent Exchange Between Bitcoin and Wall Street

In February Bitcoin Magazine reported that Crypto Facilities Ltd., a London-based broker founded by former Goldman Sachs Executive Director Timo Schlaefer, had announced the launch of its bitcoin derivatives trading platform.

The Crypto Facilities platform is trading bitcoin forwards, which are directly linked to the price of bitcoin, but also developing other digital currency derivative products.

“This is uncharted territory,” said Schlaefer as reported by Reuters. “It’s an exciting opportunity to participate in a new area of technology that has massive potential.”

Wall Street and Bitcoin used to be completely separated and incompatible worlds, but now there is more and more interpenetration and talent exchange between the two worlds. Recently Santander InnoVentures and other financial firms launched a call to action to banks, financial institutions and financial technology businesses to work together to reboot the banking and financial services industry.

While seasoned financial professionals like Schlaefer are founding or joining Bitcoin startups, banks and Wall Street companies are fishing for top talent in Bitcoin waters, Reuters reports. In June, online bitcoin job ads surged to a record high of 306.

Reuters notes that Schlaefer probably would make more money at

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