The Impostor Emerges: Craig Wright Files 50+ Blockchain Patents

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According to Reuters, Craig Wright is now a patent troll. 

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The Australian, who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, is now trying to secure many patents, according to his associates.

Since the beginning of the year, Wright has filed over 50 patent applications in Britain, and Reuters has seen this data through documents given to the publication.

Wright Back in Mainstream Headlines With 50+ Patents!

patentsSources coming from EITC Holdings Ltd., which employs two of Wright’s former associates, say Wright is still filing blockchain patent applications through Britain’s Intellectual Property Office.

According to Reuters’ source, this week alone, 11 applications were submitted.

A person close to EITC Holdings states that, “none of this has stopped,” and Wright has not responded to the publication looking for further commentary.

Antony Lewis, a Reuters consultant on Bitcoin issues, had this to say:  

“It looks like he is trying to patent the fundamental building blocks of any blockchain, cryptocurrency, or distributed ledger system”

Craig Wright hasn’t been heard from in the Bitcoin community since he failed to prove that he was Satoshi Nakamoto, disappearing and apologizing to the community,

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