The Inside Scoop On Mark Karpeles Japanese Prison Release

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Japanese news reports that Mark Karpeles the infamous CEO of Mt Gox was released on bail yesterday. The video from News24 Japan says Karpeles was let out after being imprisoned for a year and he was released on a US$100,000 bail.

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Mark Karpeles Posts Bail and Weighs a Lot Less

Mark Karpeles was arrested last year by Japanese authorities for being involved with the Mt Gox fiasco losing roughly 700 thousand Bitcoins. Prosecutors are accusing Karpeles of embezzling $3.4 million after his company filed for bankruptcy. Karpeles has been arrested two times so far for moving money.


In October of 2015, he was arrested in Tokyo for moving $1 million in Yen to his personal bank account. Those same reports rumored Karpeles to be running around with prostitutes during his previous release. Since then Karpeles was held in jail for over a year, and his recent release rules say he’s not allowed to leave Japan.

Our source from Japan says since the investigation Karpeles was waiting on going to trial. Many former Mt Gox employees were interviewed by police concerning the loss of millions in Bitcoin. Many believed the investigation

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