The Latest Push for a Bitcoin Hard Fork Doesn’t Have a Plan

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Bitcoin opposition Ethereum split itself into dual competing currencies in Jul to exercise a formula change that directed to lapse $56 million value of a practical banking that was stolen by a hacker. Now, some bitcoiners are looking to do a same.

Ethereum’s mostly-successful flare seems to have inspired a sizeable dilemma of a bitcoin community, that is rallying inside a new subreddit—created on Tuesday—called /r/btcfork. For some-more than a year, bitcoin has been mired in an constant debate about either to tough flare a banking in sequence to change bitcoin’s formula and request what some see as desperately-needed features. That plead had mostly petered out, until now.

A new subforum on one of a world’s largest summary play isn’t a outrageous growth in itself, though it’s also a initial transformation on a tough flare that bitcoin has seen in awhile. The charge of /r/btcfork is to plead how to exercise a tough fork, not to disagree about either or not it’s a right approach forward. In a final 48 hours, a subreddit has gained scarcely 700 members, indicating that it’s a renouned idea.

The chairman who combined a subreddit, “singularity87,” told me in a message

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