The Law of Bitcoin – A Must Read Book on Bitcoin Legislation and Regulation Around The World

One of the main hurdles Bitcoin is facing right now is how government officials around the world want to legislate and regulate this disruptive digital currency and technology.  A traditional approach to traditional financial institutions does not apply to Bitcoin, as this is a new and decentralized breed of technology. Maybe “The Law of Bitcoin” can shed some light on the manner.

The Law of Bitcoin – Bitcoin Legislation in A Book FormatThe Law of Bitcoin

Even if you are not a lawyer, not someone dealing with legal issues, The Law of Bitcoin might be an interesting book to pick up.  After all, it is important to every Bitcoin enthusiast to know how some of the world’s most renowned lawyers view the digital currency and underlying technology.

At this point in time, there is no official “guideline” explaining how Bitcoin and other digital currencies work from a legal point of view.  Due to that increasing demand for clarity and insight, The Law of Bitcoin has been created, which acts as a text-based focus on the law of cryptocurrencies, and more specifically, Bitcoin.

By reading The Law of Bitcoin, Bitcoin enthusiasts will be able to delve into

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