The Law of Bitcoin – A Must Read Book on Bitcoin Legislation and Regulation Around The World

One of the main hurdles Bitcoin is facing right now is how government officials around the world want to legislate and regulate this disruptive digital currency and technology.  A traditional approach to traditional financial institutions does not apply to Bitcoin, as this is a new and decentralized breed of technology. Maybe “The Law of Bitcoin” can shed some light on the manner.

The Law of Bitcoin – Bitcoin Legislation in A Book FormatThe Law of Bitcoin

Even if you are not a lawyer, not someone dealing with legal issues, The Law of Bitcoin might be an interesting book to pick up.  After all, it is important to every Bitcoin enthusiast to know how some of the world’s most renowned lawyers view the digital currency and underlying technology.

At this point in time, there is no official “guideline” explaining how Bitcoin and other digital currencies work from a legal point of view.  Due to that increasing demand for clarity and insight, The Law of Bitcoin has been created, which acts as a text-based focus on the law of cryptocurrencies, and more specifically, Bitcoin.

By reading The Law of Bitcoin, Bitcoin enthusiasts will be able to delve into cryptocurrency law in four of the world’s most important jurisdictions: The United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.  The book covers many interesting topics, ranging from the intersection of cryptocurrency and criminal law, to taxation laws and counter-terrorist financing regulations.

A team of 10 international lawyers – spanning four countries – in the field of cryptocurrency law have combined their knowledge into this book.  Stuart Hoegner is the editor of The Law of Bitcoin and a lawyer and accountant in the cryptocurrency and internet gaming spaces.  Mr. Hoegner’s view on cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain 2.0 initiatives is an invaluable addition to this book.

Jerry Brito is another well-known name in the Bitcoin world, as he is the executive director of Coin Center and adjunct professor of law at George Mason University.  For those who have read “Bitcoin: A Primer for Policymakers”, you  will know the name Jerry Brito, as he is the co-author of this work.  Mr. Brito’s ten years of experience in the field of technology policy translate well to Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Canada is well represented by Jillian Friedman, a lawyer and academic with a strong focus on commercial law and financial services in the e-commerce sector.  In terms of Bitcoin expertise, Jillian Friedman is involved in Bitcoin Foundation Canada [Chief Legal Officer and on the Board of Directors], Bitcoin Embassy Montréal [legal counsel]  and a board member of the Montreal chapter of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS)

Available in Both Hardcover and Ebook Format

The Law of Bitcoin is available for purchase now on the official website, and can be ordered in both hardcover and ebook format.  Payments are done in Bitcoin only, and processed by payment processor Coinapult.  A hardcover version of The Law of Bitcoin will ship from Canada to your doorstep, and there are plenty of shipping options at your disposal.

“As a first inter-jurisdictional law book on bitcoin, this publication is an important step towards working through some of the complex legal issues raised by digital assets.  Researching and writing the book was intellectually very rewarding because it forces us to explore tough legal questions such as “what is money”?  For me, there are so many more questions and topics related to this technology that are waiting to be explored.

I am hoping that the accessibility of the book will mean that whoever is interested in the topics explored therein will be able to get their hands on it.  I would like to see the book carried in law libraries and university libraries, as bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a “hot” topic on campuses.  I am also looking forward to the reaction of my colleagues, and hoping to start a discussion about some of the ideas and opinions we raise. “ – Jillian Friedman told DigitalMoneyTimes.

Source: Bitcoin PR Buzz

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