The LKA Helped State Police Catch a Bavarian Man for Attempted DNM Firearm Deal

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A young man in Upper Bavaria was recently arrested for trying to buy a pistol on the DNMs. The deal never went through. Very few knew what happened to the man after he was arrested and sent to a facility; newly released data reveals that the LKA was involved in the attempted firearm purchase and local police only conducted the raid.

Germany cracked down on darknet transactions. Nearly every day, German law enforcement provides the world with another darknet-related arrest to read about. The words Holger Muench said following the Munich shooting were not said lightheartedly.

He said that the Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police Office or BKA) saw the darknet as a high priority. As such, law enforcement throughout Germany directed focus towards the darknet.

Drug buyers and vendors have been routinely raided. Chemical Love went down. Chemical Love customers throughout Germany were raided shortly afterwards. Large amphetamine vendors keep getting busted. Some vendors disappeared without anyone the wiser—often resulting in honeypots and similar forms of traps for buyers.



However, the focus on weapons became glaringly obvious. The majority of arrests were firearm-related. The BKA has primarily

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