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Coinciding with a opening of the Ethereum Foundation’s Devcon2 discussion in Shanghai this week, poignant tools of a Ethereum network were crashing. In what seemed like an conflict regulating an intentionally difficult-to-execute intelligent contract, a many used Ethereum doing Geth stopped functioning altogether, while another doing — Parity — was also having issues. Upon finding a attack, Ethereum developers wrote a hotfix for Geth within a integrate of hours that seemed to solve a problem, during slightest temporarily.*

Interestingly, while a repair was happening, alternative Ethereum implementations (other than Geth and Parity) were doing fine. Save for a dump in crush rate due to miners using Geth, a Ethereum network kept using uniformly for many users of these opposite clients. This miss of stop was taken by some as a clearance of Ethereum’s use of mixed interoperable program implementations, rather than a singular client.

This success on Ethereum’s part, in turn, reignited a debate that has existed in a Bitcoin space for years: do choice Bitcoin implementations strengthen a Bitcoin network — or break it?

The “Reference Implementation”

The doubt either choice program implementations for Bitcoin are fascinating has been discussed

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