The Lowest-Risk Way To Make A Killing From Brexit

The Brexit vote is an extraordinary opportunity to make a huge sum of money. This also opens up the possibility of a huge loss if you bet on the wrong outcome though. At least that’s what you would expect the risk/reward ratio to be in an efficient market.

There is a market, though, with significant Brexit exposure and a strongly lopsided risk/reward ratio. This market is young and so many of the inefficiencies have yet to be weeded out – making it easier to predict future price action. Specifically, the market is strongly momentum based.

This market is the Bitcoin (BTC) market. Considered to be a possible replacement for gold in the global economy, Bitcoin and gold prices are strongly correlated with both being seen as “safe haven” investments. Of course, the possibility of a Brexit has sent both higher and a “Leave” vote would lead to significantly higher re-pricing.

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Bitcoin, being a substantially younger and more inefficient market than gold, has a special characteristic that will limit the downside should the “Remain” vote win. The Bitcoin market trades in large

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