The (Miscalculated) EMV-Bitcoin Debate?

Let’s set the record straight on one thing: EMV and bitcoin have nothing to do with each other.

Outside of the fact that both have something to with payments — one being via traditional payments cards, and the other being a volatile digital commodity/currency — comparing the two is akin to comparing apples and asparagus because they both start with an “a.”

But, of course, with the EMV news abuzz because of the Oct. 1 liability shift yesterday, everyone, and we mean everyone, wanted to get the chip card conversation into the mix. Still, when a headline like “Banks Introduce EMV-chipped Credit Cards To Keep Bitcoin At Bay,” hits the wires, it stops you dead in your tracks.

Yes, that was an actual headline — and not from The Onion or the PYMNTS’ April Fools’ Edition.

The piece that was featured on Inside Bitcoins was a (questionable) attempt to inform the public about EMV and what that chip inside those payment cards is really about. Drawing from a CNN Money article about EMV

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