The Much Awaited Singularity May Be Nearer Than It Was Thought Earlier

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There is something special about science fiction. What can be imagined today can eventually be turned into reality in the near future. Some of the classic examples include robots, envisioned by Isaac Asimov and the tricorder from Star Trek, both are a reality now. The progression of technology in the coming days, powered by blockchain among other technologies is not really too far-fetched when it comes to the new upcoming television series titled Singular.

The television series is being produced by a newly set up studio called SingularDTV (S-DTV) which specializes in science fiction based shows. According to a press release, the blockchain entertainment studio, as S-DTV calls itself will be producing its maiden television show starting October 3, 2016. Singular will be produced by its Chief Creative Officer, Kim Jackson of the Inside Man and Munich fame as the Media Producer at Evotion.

S-DTV has planned for Singular to run for two complete seasons, with one season set from 2020 onwards till 2030, which will be followed by the second season that will be sent in the following decade. Overall, the whole storyline of Singular is set to take place between 2021 till 2045 AD. The production studio will also make

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