The Necessary Traits For A Bitcoin Leader

The Necessary Traits For A Bitcoin Leader

There’s been discussion in the Bitcoin space about the necessary traits for a Bitcoin leader. The idea goes that, with Bitcoin having so many scandals of incompetent/criminal Bitcoin business leaders, there should be a discussion about what it takes to be a Bitcoin leader.

As one recent conference phrased the question, “What does a leader in the Bitcoin space look like, and what traits should today’s budding startups adopt? More than any of the technical aspects of Bitcoin, the development of true leaders in our community will determine whether we evolve independently, or are simply swallowed up as an accessory to the Finance industry.”

It all comes down to personal ethics. If you don’t have a strong ethical code, you don’t have the ability to make truly effective decisions for a community of people, and that includes the Bitcoin community. If Mark Karpeles was not a criminal, then his lack of an ethical compass put him into the situation where he continued to operate though it meant using other people’s money to the point of no return. There was some point in which Karpeles could have taken a step away from the operation and admitted he was

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